The ocean probably contains the worlds greatest mysteries as it is the one part of our globe that has been left alone and unseen.

Im talking the deep ocean floors which are home to some crazy looking creatures and some incredible looking terrain. Not to mention an occasional treasure chest or two! The ocean floor reaches down to 14,000 feet, and the deepest us human divers have physically gotten is 2,000 feet! So you can imagine the vast unknown that truly does exist. Well it looks like we are finally going to be able to get a glimpse of just what goes on way down there as researchers off the coast of the Puerto Rico Trench (the deepest in the Atlantic Ocean) ended up sending a camera down to see what was happening. And what they found out was pretty darn amazing.

You watch this video and you are humbly reminded that a whole different world exists beyond our own which we are familiar. Im not talking up in space somewhere, Im talking right in our own oceans. Indeed it is untraveled terrain and what you see here is only a fraction of the undiscovered.

Really amazing and its going to be very interesting what else we will be able to see in the future!

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Source: Globaleye Stock Photography

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