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Rebellion Games CEO Jason Kingsley Photography came along, and it was much cheaper to take a photo than painting. It didn’t stop painting, it allowed it to expand into expressionism and all the other -isms in art … all these new forms of painting sprung out when painting was freed up from having to paint a portrait of a rich merchant to buy your bread as an artist.” It could have transformative impacts on other industries too. Take tourism: “Maybe people don’t want to spend 12 hours flying to visit Angkor Wat [a temple in Cambodia]. Maybe they want to visit Angkor Wat now, at lunch time, wander around it for a couple of hours then come back to the real world, have a cappuccino and get on with their day.” Jousting: “A lethal extreme sport” When Kingsley talks about the possibilities of VR, he frames it as an opportunity to “time travel.” “Imagine you could visit Stone Henge without thousands of other tourists getting in your way go back in history, get rid of that bloody road. Imagine seeing Rome at the height of Caligus. Imagine seeing the Medieval Popes. Imagine going any place you can think of.” This comes from his passion to “heritage values” which extends from his interest in resuscitating vintage brands like Battlezone to a key extracurricular passion: Jousting. Jason Kingsley is a practicing knight. He is, he says “one of the first two people in 400 years to do it properly jousting with a solid wooden lance with metal ends in public…no-one really knew if you died doing it. And you can, actually.

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