Making Fuck - MEGAN K. PHOTOGRAPHY I want to work with and help the careers of bands, authors, artists and other creatives. But shooting for bands and other artists presents its own challenges. The hierarchy of value that capitalism promotes puts artists and creatives at the bottom; artists, sadly, then re-create this hierarchy in our own subculture, deciding that some of our creative is inherently more valuable than others. It’s hard sometimes to convince a band that a professional image package is worth the investment when they think my work can be replicated by some relative in their life who examining rational stock photography library strategies happens to own a digital camera. It’s tricky to get large event jobs when events want your work and talent, but only if you participate as a volunteer for no pay. It’s a struggle. In the end, professional imaging does matter to a band or event, and most people will learn that the hard and photographers like me will be around to hire once they figure that out. What made you decide to start up your own photography business? I’ve spent the last five or six years working almost non-stop on building up my skills, networks and experience. I was working a part-time day job, going to school full-time, doing jobs for SLUG, performing freelance art design jobs, working on my own creative projects, writing and presenting huge research papers, traveling on archaeology digs—basically trying to soak up every experience I could get.

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